Bette's Bounces

Bette's Bounces

1937 MacDade Blvd, Woodlyn, Pennsylvania, 19094, United States     610-358-4772     610-884-7999

  Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

Monkey Motion (Includes Staffing)


Dimensions 40'L x 40'W footprint required
Cost for Additional Hour $100.00
Power Requirements No Power Required (Generator Included w/ Rental)
Price: $1,500.00


(2) Staff member will be on site to operate the ride for the duration of the rental

Bette's Rents Monkey Motion. It's a spectacular bungee jumping system which allows you to jump 20+ feet into the air. Allowing up to four participants at a time, jumpers are strapped to a harness connected to dual bungee cords. Jumpers fly high into the air and back down onto a large trampoline which sends them flying back up again!