• (1) Staff member is included in the cost. That person will stay on site and drive the fire truck for the duration of the rental.
  • Capacity - 6-8 Passengers
  • Weight Limit - 1200lb weight capacity - No individual rider should exceed 250lbs
  • Minimum Height - 37" for riders not accompanied by an adult - smaller children may ride the fire truck as long as they are accompanied by an adult
  • Rides on Hard Surface or Grass (Needs to be relatively flat)
  • Turning Radius - 18 feet curb to curb
  • Safety Features: Seatbelts, Head Light, Horn
  • Gas Powered

Detailed Dimensions:

Lead Car - 3'6"W x 6'5"L

Passenger Car - 5'7"W x 7'5"L

SKU 608