Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry! We don’t want you to worry about the weather, and we certainly don’t want to set up equipment in unsafe conditions. In the event of bad weather the day of your event including rain, or high winds, you can call our office between 7 & 8 am to cancel for the day. In the event of weather cancellation, we can either reschedule (depending on availability) or refund your deposit. It’s that easy!
Please keep in mind that we leave this decision up to you to allow you full flexibility. If you choose not to cancel, our delivery driver will explain safety procedures. No refunds will be given if cancellation does not occur between 7 & 8 am the day of your event.

Bette's reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to unsafe forecasted conditions like high wind, rain, thunderstorms at any time. We will refund your deposit or reschedule your event in the rare case that this may happen.

Safety first! Ensure that everyone calmly exit the unit(s). Once vacant, unplug the electricity and allow the unit to deflate. Once the weather has passed, plug back in and allow the unit time to fully re-inflate. Don’t be alarmed if you see a “bubbling” effect. Remember, inflatables are porous to allow air to pass through the vinyl. The bubbles are a combination of air, water and a non-toxic cleaning agent. If the unit is wet, have an adult dry the interior with a towel. Once dry, the rental can be used again.
Our rentals are intentionally “up to” a number of hours. Most inflatables and equipment are up to 8 hours, while most mechanical rides are up to 4 hours. You choose how long you need the rental! Our start time is the time the equipment will be set up and ready to use, so it is important to remember that we need a minimum of 2 hours prior to your event to allow our driver time to navigate to your location, set up and ensure that the equipment is safe and ready for use.

Our end time is the earliest pickup time. If a more specific pickup time window is required, please be sure to have it noted at the time of reservation.

Most deliveries happen on the day of your event, prior to your start time. Because weekends can be extremely busy, our office may contact you about the possibility of delivering a day before your event.
An adult must be present at the time of setup to ensure proper setup location and contract signature. Our driver will review all safety procedures and setup details. If you need an exception considered, you must have the exception specified in the rental agreement. If our driver is unable to deliver prior to your event because an adult is not present, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to return within any reasonable time.

While it may not be required for you to be present at time of pickup, you are contractually responsible for the rented equipment. Be sure that the equipment is in a safe, accessible location for our driver at time of pickup.

Moonbounces plug into a standard 120V outlet (a hair dryer uses more than that!). Nothing else should be plugged into the outlet that we are utilizing. Bette's will provide up to 100’ of electrical cord. Anything set up further than 100’ from a power source requires a generator. Generators are available for an additional fee and must be reserved.

Some larger inflatables and mechanical rides include a generator as part of the rental. Please be sure that you have the proper power accessibility prior to the day of your event!

Some of our equipment is available for pickup from our warehouse in Woodlyn, PA - just south of the Philadelphia airport. Most of our inventory requires professional delivery and setup.

If you are picking up, please be sure to have a vehicle large enough.

We do not set up personal events in parks. For corporate events located in parks it is the customer's responsibility to acquire the proper permits. In addition to proper permits, you must also ensure access to power and water (if water is required). In the event that we are unable to set up due to lack of permits or resources, your deposit cannot be refunded.
Since each one of our items is unique, capacity and rider limitations vary. Please refer to each product's detail page for manufacturer specifications.
Your delivery drivers phone number is printed on your rental contract. Since the driver is most familiar with your setup, it is recommended that you reach out to them first. You can also check out this link on our website at www.bettesbounces.com/troubleshooting for troubleshooting issues that can occur on rare occasions.

Our office can be reached at 610.358.4772.

When making a reservation, it is important to clearly articulate the surface of the setup. This will allow us to ensure that the proper supplies are provided for your rental. For example, if setting a moonbounce up on grass, we can use stakes to ensure that the bounce is secured in place. BUT, if setting up on concrete, blacktop OR grass with an underground irrigation system, we’ll want to use sandbags to secure the unit.
There are a number of factors to consider when measuring a space. Safety is always a top priority, so please be aware of the following when evaluating your space:
  • Flat surface is a must
  • No overhead tree limbs or wires within 10’
  • Accessible to power and water (if applicable)
  • Inflatables require blowers, which hook up to “stems”. Stems need to blow straight, which requires a total of 4’ away from the inflatable for safety
  • Blowers cannot be set up near loose leaves/debris or trees with leaves (air intake can clog the blower)
  • Entrance to inflatables needs to be clear of any obstruction within 5’
  • No part of the rental can be set up touching anything (fence, house, curb, etc.)
  • Some units weigh in excess of 1,000 lbs. We must know of any uneven surfaces, steps or obstacles that may prevent our driver from safely maneuvering the rental into/out of position
  • Setup area must be clear of rocks, sticks, roots, and (yep) feces to ensure a safe setup
Our delivery fees are based on the zip code where the rental is being set up. You can get an estimate online by entering in your zip code and items for rent. We do not deliver to some zip codes due to the inaccessibility of some streets, specifically in center city. If you are hosting a larger corporate event in a zip code that is not shown on our website, please contact the office directly at 610.358.4772 and we can evaluate the location to determine whether the location is accessible for our vehicles.
The total cost of the items to be rented needs to total at least $199 for your order to qualify for delivery. We do allow pick-up of some of our items, so that is an option for smaller orders.