Bette's Bounces

Bette's Bounces

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  Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

COVID Protocols & Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

COVID Safety Protocols

  • All Bette's staff members are provided facial coverings and are required to wear them while on job sites.
  • Staff members receive daily temperature screenings upon arriving at work. Any staff with a temperature greater than 100.4 F, showing any symptoms of infection, or required to quarantine because of known exposure will be required to return home and not report to work.
  • Staff members will follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible.
  • All attractions and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized in between events (see below for further detail)
  • We are closely monitoring all safety guidance issued by the State and the CDC and updating procedures and protocols as information becomes available to us.
  • On site staff may be hired for sanitation of attractions during the operating time of an event. This will result in required down time for attractions. Please discuss in detail with our sales team if this is something that is needed for your event.
  • Additional procedures can be adopted or put into effect based on restrictions/requirements of specific events.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Procedures

The coronavirus pandemic has brought heightened scrutiny and concern about the disinfecting policies and procedures that companies follow, but concern over cleanliness is nothing new to Bette's. We have always prided ourselves on providing a clean, safe product to our customer, and we are working diligently to stay ahead of the curve and make sure more than ever that every one of our customers is receiving a product that has been properly cleaned and sanitized between rentals.

What Do We Do?

Step 1: Set up the attraction

Setting the items up when they come back to our warehouse allows us to assess their condition after the previous rental. At this point we go through our routine safety checks, provide maintenance if it is needed, and determine the best course of action for cleaning and disinfection.

Step 2: Dry Cleaning

The first step in the cleaning process is removing any loose debris that is in the attraction. We thoroughly vacuum the attractions to remove any grass, food, trash, or other debris that may have found its way into the attraction at the previous rental.

Step 3: Cleaning with Cleanser

Once the amusements are free of loose debris we can begin the process of cleaning them and removing any stuck or dirty, grime, and other soils on the attraction. We use a variety of household non-toxic cleansers to achieve this depending on the condition of the attraction.

Step 4: Disinfecting

When all loose debris and other stuck on soils are removed from the attraction, we give them a final wipe down for disinfection. We use a rinse free ECOLAB disinfecting product that contains a virucide to ensure all contaminants have been removed from the play surface.

Step 5: On-site Inspection

In addition to all of the in-house cleaning that we do, our drivers perform an on-site inspection and final cleaning. They do a final safety check on the amusement rides once they are set-up on the job site, and go through and make sure that nothing was missed when the inflatable was cleaned and sanitized back at our warehouse.